List Your Home

The Payne Real Estate Team Listing Services

Our job is to sell your home at the highest possible price the market will allow, in the shortest amount of time. An experienced skilled listing agent can close the escrow in a manner while providing the highest degree of satisfaction to you, the seller.

Current Value Market Analysis:

Our “Current Value Market Analysis” will establish a realistic listing price that is competitive enough to generate offers which reflect the true value of the property in today’s real estate marketplace. We will show you where the property is positioned relative to other active listings on the multiple listing service at any given price point. How your home compares to the rest of the market is critical. Let us show you how to effectively price and position your home so buyers will take notice.

Preparing Your Home for the Market:

The Payne Real Estate Team will provide you with a written report of items that should be inspected, repaired or cleaned prior to placing the property on the market. Although the sale is considered “As Is,” sometimes small repairs or landscape clean up. can add value to the property. You want your home to stand out from the crowd and we will show you how to do it.

The Payne Real Estate Team usually recommends having your home professionally staged and can give you a list of service providers. We suggest having multiple bids, not only to find the right price point, but to find the right vision for the home.

Marketing Strategy:

A modern day Real Estate Consultant not only needs to know how to navigate through the sales process, but also needs to be an exceptional storyteller. The Payne Real Estate Team uses all the latest tech tools in an effort to create a story for your home, and make sure that story is put in front of the right audience.

From modern websites and social media, to video production, and latest virtual reality/ 3D tours, to the use of predictive analytics; every tech advantage will be leveraged to make his listings look incredible, and get in front of the correct target audiences.

There are two steps when marketing a property. The first is to create an intricate and compelling story, and the second to to make sure the right people hear that story. It’s the second step, (behind the scenes), where most of the work is done, (and money spent). Feel free to have a look at our featured listings as an example of our marketing. Our aerial photography, video, and 3D tour quality is second to none. In order to learn how we will accomplish the second step for your home, contact us to schedule a private consultation (see form below).

The Advantage of Pacific Union International

When you list your property with Pacific Union, it becomes plugged into a network of over 600 top-performing Real Estate Professionals who work with thousands of local buyers. In fact, Pacific Union Real Estate Professionals have a higher average sales volume than agents at any other company in the market.